Artificial Limbs Program

King Salman Humanitarian Aid & Relief

The Artificial Limbs Centers were funded and established by KSrelief in response to the large number of amputations occurring among Yemen’s civilian population due to land mine incidents. Thousands of deaths and serious injuries have been caused by land mines and other explosive devices which have been planted illegally throughout the country by Houthi militia groups. KSrelief’ s Artificial Limbs Centers provide amputees with prosthetic devices and rehabilitative care. Patients receive all services free of charge. Amputees who are referred to one of the centers are first evaluated both physically and psychologically to determine the suitability of their overall condition to the use of artificial limbs. Then the devices are custom-made for each amputee by the center’s technicians. Once the prosthetic devices have been completed and fitted, specialized rehabilitation teams help patients adjust to the use of their new limbs. Once they have mastered the use of their prostheses, amputees return home with new confidence and improved mobility.


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